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For Computer Enthusiasts who love to use a computer for anything they can.

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This is the way.

Too many old computers end up in landfills because their owners
simply do not know how to keep them working or they consider them obsolete.
But I choose to repair and restore and upgrade computers. I even give many away rather than see
them go to a landfill to pollute the earth! I enjoy fixing and saving all types of computers!

In short, I'm a professional hobbyist and computer enthusiasts who loves to use a computer for anything I can.

I also make fun videos for Retro Computer Tech Fans on YouTube to enjoy an enthusiast hobby!

I made it easy for anyone to sign up to keep an eye out for popular money saving computer posts.

Who owns this non-profit website?

Richard A. McFarland

I'm an tech geek and now I'm retired so I don't have to work for big business anymore!
But wait, I enjoy computers, so I made this fun site to read like my tech hobby blog.

I can show you how this baby boomer tech geek upgrades computers as his hobby.
My boomer generation was the first to grow up in a technology-dominated world, and us
boomers have seen it all happen, from LPs to DVDs and from Happy Days to BluRays.

My Upgraded Computers get refurbished and sold for very little to keep your costs low and to help motivate
new members to join Patreaon as Channel Supporters & Channel Members who agree to pay shipping costs.

You can also join the fun by sending your retro computer items to:

C/O Richard A. McFarland
P.O.Box 383
Saint Anthony, Idaho 83445

I make sure that all computers I get go to a good home and not a landfill.

Unlike some fan tech sites, I turn nothing legal away, then the magic happens!

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It's a matter of history that in the 1970s & 80s, geeks like me gathered
together in User's Groups to have fun helping each other out with tech projects!

Post from the Computer Hobby Shop

Just like the Good Ol' Days, enjoy fun and exciting tech projects and even modern computers too!

Examples of a Fun Tech Projects!

I found a modern use for the Apple Cinema Displays, (especially the 30" model and version
similar to the picture below). These use Dual Link DVI, and the Apple Dual-DVI Video Card
will drive these monitors in machines the way Apple intended. But did you know you can get the
display to work with many modern Computers? This includes PCs when you use an Active Adapter
like the Club 3D CAC-1510 USB Type C to DVI-D DUAL LINK Active Adapter. It has to be an Active
Adapter like a Club 3D to process the DVI-D DUAL LINK video signal correctly.

See a Cinema Display & Recomended Club 3D Active Adapter.

Note: I have the Club 3D and have connected the Apple Cinema Display via USB C to send the
correct signals even from my Samsung Galaxy Book2 (with SnapDragon 8x CPU and Windows 10).
A pretty cool use for an older Apple product and of course it works with newer MacBooks too.

Also, to teach Mac Seminars in over 70 US Cities, my Bondi Blue iMac G3 was used to make
my PowerPoint Presentations. This needed my Apple History Pics from my old SCSI drives.
I had to upgrade my iMac with an SCSI add-in that I put in the secret mezzanine slot,
(this mezzaniene slot was a Molex 52760-1609 connector hidden inside on the motherboard).

Here is just one example of what that strange slot was for. I purchased an SCSI card from a
company in Germany called Formac. They called the card, "Formac iProRAID Ultra Wide SCSI"
It cost me almost $200 USD plus shipping costs. I had a lot of backup files and old software,
so it was very useful to get all my 68030 stuff into the G3 from my older Mac SCSI drives!

Click for a pop-up showing where the Formac Card was installed.

Do you have a fun or crazy upgrade story you would want to share?
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If you have a fun idea for ComputerHobbyShop, contact me.

I may choose to use your ideas and/or donations in a future post and,
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Click here to see and enjoy a modern game computer upgrade, custom made by

RAM, (not the chips, but the Pro IT Trainer Guy).

See the history of 'RAM' on LinkedIn

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Since computers are my hobby, after I repair and upgrade them I post them here and on
eBay for far less cost than normal and some I give away whenever I can because...

Non Profit Website for Computer Hobby Shop, details at https://www.computerhobbyshop.com/

See what I restored and then sent to the lucky winner in Japan before Christmastime!
Sent to a fan in Japan, for details see https://www.computerhobbyshop.com/
For this Special Giveaway the lucky new owner paid shipping,
but remember, a 128K Macintosh is rare and not found often.

Wait, I just saved another rare Mac from the landfill. I wonder who will get this one?

Short Video by @ComputerHobbyShop ((Longer version on YouTube).

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You'll find more retro posts in my RANDOM ACCESS FILE:

My Retro Time Machine takes you back to cool things in the tech world... there and back again!

Thanks to Mac fans in Japan who made a helpful SE/30 repair guide long ago.
See how I saved the same helpful retro post from the now defunct Japanese Website!

SE/30 Repair Guide Safety Posted by Computer Hobby Shop.com
SE/30 Repair guide. (Saved from defunct Japanese Website)

See feedback from some previously sold posts.

Because I'm serious about you saving a lot, all crossed out sale prices   =   a 10% to 20% lower best offer.

Formerly Sold as Posted by Computer Hobby Shop

Anyone remember HyperCard? I have future videos coming on Card Stacks I made.

McFarland Made HyperStacks Posted by Computer Hobby Shop

Here is a stranger thing!
I ordered parts from Amazon and look what happened...

Non Profit Website for Computer Hobby Shop, details at computerhobbyshop.com

Non Profit Website for Computer Hobby Shop, details at computerhobbyshop.com

Emulator News!
ComputerHobbyShop has posted a new video.

A Forgotten Windows Mac Emulator Helps My Macintosh LC II Live Again!

See new videos posted on the
ComputerHobbyShop YouTube Channel

Hobby News!
ComputerHobbyShop has a brand new recreated SE/30 Logic Board.
New Recreated SE/30 Logic Board to be made for Computer Hobby Shop, details at https://www.computerhobbyshop.com/
Update: The boards are now here and more details + a rebuild video can be posted soon on my

YouTube Channel.

[Any retro computer video creator can email me by this link, if interested in a collaboration video].

Will there be a
MARCHintosh 2023?
Click to see what I heard today

Crazy News!!
1st YouTube Video Posted by Computer Hobby Shop
YouTuber dismisses vintage Apple 1 motherboard as "not going to be worth anything to anyone"

Also, Are People Really Making Millions with Virtual Real Estate & NFTs?

4th YouTube Video Posted by Computer Hobby Shop

What's Coming Soon!
Quadra 700 Collected by Computer Hobby Shop
Future post, a Vintage Quadra 700 restored, upgraded with modified StartUp.

Reviews and News

An AMD Ryzen Review and recommended X570 ASROCK Motherboard

Counting cores and straining to max CPU speeds is the familiar task for anyone needing more power at less cost. The good news is, the AMD Ryzen can check off all the boxes for the serious power user while staying far away from the higher cost of a Threadripper Workstation. You can save with compatible motherboards & the latest BIOS.

What specific CPU do I recommend? I give a 5 Star Score to the AMD Ryzen 7 3800X.
June 23rd, 2020 Post, Computer Hobby Shop
It is simply the best CPU this side of an expensive workstation. You'll get the most bang for your buck while still seeing shorter compile times and faster project completions, especially when matched with an X570 ASROCK Steel Legend. A 2700 with a B450M motherboard from htcgo worked great and a 3800X and X570 Motherboard gave us an added speed bump. If this posted review sounds like a commercial for AMD, they do deserve all this praise.
All my tests made me happy to endorse the Ryzen 3800X. AMD has a real winning CPU here.

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A+ Upgraded Gaming PC Warrantied by Dell

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The 5680 Intel Core i7 CPU Gasming PC here,
actually had an upgraded AMD 8GB Discrete Graphics Video Card.
The image below is a summary, click it to load the full long page version.

Finished reading? Click here to see how it sold on eBay.

Sorry you missed my very nice,
Blue 7th Gen 32GB Apple iPod touch! Below are the technical specs from Apple.com.

Previous post, a Refurbished Super Fast MacBook Pro!

An Apple Intel Core i5 with Storage updated
to a brand new 2021 SSD

I spent the money shown above
to make a better MacBook Pro for you.

Here's your chance to help the planet by
buying a Green Earth & Eco-Friendly

Installing and updating Catalina went
fast with the upgraded 16GB RAM.

Ports shown left to right are, 1 Magesafe
Power Jack, 1 Ethernet, 1 Firewire 800,
1 Thunderbolt 2, 2 USB 3.0, a Camera
Card Reader, & Headphone Jack

There is plenty of space left in this
Brand New Western Digital 480GB SSD.

You'll love using the working DVD Drive for
movies + moving music CDs to iTunes.

After getting the message below, I
finished installing all current updates.

It lid opens and closes easy & hinges work great.

In almost every review regarding the best laptops, this Macbook Pro is always the main challenger.
Supported by an Intel i5 processor with a speed of 3 GHz Boost and 2.5 GHz base, [upgraded with 16 GB] DDR3 RAM,
Intel HD Graphics 4000, and support for up to 2TB of hard disk memory
this laptop is one of the best laptops of all time.

(Tech Reviews, Oct 29, 2020).

This MacBook Pro comes with a brand new
Magsafe charger as shown below.

Besides coming with iTunes you also get Pages,
(Apple's app like MS Word)

Plus Keynote, another Apple app,
(like MS PowerPoint)

And Apple's Numbers app,
(a program like MS Excel).

You can use a power saving 4K TV,
or you might want to use any standard HDTV.

Refurbished for Richard's ComputerHobbyShop.com by

Store Sign,ComputerPro2000

The seller is licensed.

ComputerPro2000's Great Reputation
See my great feedback below.

Happy Customer Feedback

Fast & Free! Ships by USPS Priority Mail

(International buyers see eBay Global Shipping)

See the password info below for the buyer.

eBay item pricing does not consider upgrades and
values fluctuate wildly on eBay & cannot be guaranteed.

In preparing ad, eBay posted this chart.

Below is an eBay search to compare
price & value of 3 similar sold Laptops.

Below is a value checker I created for you.

Thank you for buying my Green Earth Eco-Friendly MacBook Pro
with RAM & Storage updated to 2021 Specs on eBay

Finished reading this? Click here to see the eBay summary.

December Christmas PC Laptop Deal

     See who bought this HP EliteBook that sold for hundreds of $$$ less than when new...
December sold post from the Computer Hobby Shop

Originally it cost over $1,000.00 when new, but I asked only $125.00.
Post from the Computer Hobby Shop

New studies now show that most people trend to view websites via mobile devices.

I'm rebelling against trends with my favorite way to surf the net. My PC connects to a large screen 4K TV and I didn't have to spend large on a second screen with a previous model 50" Vizio Family Home Theater/Game Room HDTV. It even supports a max of 1080p resolution.
Surprisingly, it is as much fun to use as my newer 4K TV.

2/21/2020 Post for the Computer Hobby Shop

I use it for website editing on both Macs and PCs as it has 3 HDMI ports, like a newer 4K HDTV.

It also has VGA & Composite Video ports for older game machines. I've also used it on a Mac mini and
Mac Pro plus an Apple TV and my Gaming PC too. It has 1080P resolution and a newer Vizio has 4K.

(Shout out to Vizio! Sponsor a review here of your TVs to increase TVs sold as PC monitors).

Details are posted for my MacBook Air that sold very fast for $300 less than normal...
Not to rub it in, but the savings missed was on a pretty 2015 Custom Apple Core i7 shown below.

ComputerPro2000 sold it very fast where eBay & PayPal also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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You can also go to my most current post here.

Sorry, you missed this great Apple Laptop. Just sold is my Intel Core i5 MacBook Pro

I upgraded this 13" MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM and a fast 480GB SSD.
If you missed this one, you can still choose to go to my most current post here,
or to my last Model 9,2 MacBook Pro on eBay.

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Wow, that last post for a green earth PC finished at 44 bids!
When we work hard we'll want to take a break to play a few games too! Here is a nice DSi XL.
1/23/2020 Post for the Computer Hobby Shop

To prep it for sale, a simple video
demos this DSi XL Console!

Honorable mention goes to naymare-7, who just purchased this on eBay. For him or anyone else interested, here's good news about this DSi XL. If you want to install a lot more fun stuff, I found a video with links to websites, that shows you how to mod it for root access. It seems a lot of people are doing that and you can essentially jail break it to load more games and unlock a lot more of it's features than was previously possible when softmodding this DSi XL console. Although I have not done this yet, it sounds like a lot of fun, which is why I built this hobby website to begin with. I'll see you next time. Won't that be fun!

In case anyone else wants to know, I received a question on my Dell Intel Core i5 with Fast SSD Drive.
eBayer kevigadsde_0 wanted to know, ... 'will your computer be able to hook up to my hdmi tv or [does it have to] be a computer montior?' I replied, 'No problem, you just need a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. You could also adapt DVI to HDMI, but trust me, DisplayPort to HDMI is better ... the adapters are cheap, as found on eBay...'
I have converted this PC from "BuyItNow" to an auction and it is at $9.95 at the time of this post.

What, you didn't get to bid? Sorry if you missed it! Don't want to miss out again?
To be among the 1st to know subscribe below and if you like games, you're sure to have fun at
my most current post!

I never thought I'd see 2020. I was born around the time that Sputnik was launched into space.

1st Post in 2020, Computer Hobby Shop 01/13/2020

I remeber the late 50s and early 60s were times when many thought the earth would be destroyed by nuclear war. But today the trend is more towards Arctic ecosystems protection from oil spills and black carbon emissions.

1st Post in 2020, Computer Hobby Shop

I grew up on a farm & fought for the preservation of wild life. This attitude of a green earth was new to many people, but I followed it into my future work with computers and I just made
a Green Earth PC Project for 2020.

1st Post in 2020, Computer Hobby Shop

12/30/2019: My last post on eBay for 2019 is where I upgraded a Dell Intel Core i5 with a Fast SSD Drive. It now boots faster into Windows using less power! I also has a new WD Black 1 TB Hard Drive for website graphics, data backups & maybe even a games library too. It was a lot of fun to refurbish. Click the image for more details.
Happy New Year!

4th Post, Computer Hobby Shop

I think you would have liked how fast I made it.

So you won't miss out again, subscribe below and you can be among the 1st to know.
This was my last carefully refurbished project from my last post in 2019. See you in 2020!

12/11/2019: Here's feedback from one I helped on the December 4th post, 'Refurbished Intel Core i7s'.
2nd Post, Computer Hobby Shop
(I think he meant to say, "transaction", but his main point is still clear)....
He bought 3 of my PCs from my post last week and he's very happy!
I'm glad, but so more people get a chance, in the future I'd ask followers to only buy once per post.

12/4/2019: On this date, I've been refurbishing used PCs & Macs just for the fun of it and
I've just finished 4 PCs and 1 Mac. See the Refurbished Intel Core i7s listed below.

Here an entire PC can sell for less than just the CPU might sell for alone.
1st Post, Computer Hobby Shop

Open a new widow to show my Intel Core i7 Dell PC for example....

Click to see the original details
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And if you like Apple computers, then here is a Mac mini you should see....

Click to see the original post
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Do you know?

What IBM geeks used to gather in User's Groups to help each other out with mainframe issues?

ANSWER ... SHARE was a 1955 group of aerospace industry users of IBM mainframes and is the oldest group still active. Most all of those once popular user's groups & club meetings have long since moved to the Internet as 'THE' source of help.

When Amazon sponsors it, I can help you look for a good tech job.
Many tech oriented jobs exist with
"specific goals & strategic openings for students".

Tech workers who speak a second language are needed as the demand for bilingual workers is rising.

When I taught tech seminars, it was with all expenses paid as I had traved to teach a thousand + clients
in the lower 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii + Canada. Traveling trainers get served by a lot of flight attendants.


I always enjoyed traveling, especially to share my best tech ideas.
My success helping people has encouraged me to post on this site and share my expert skills!


Eventually, live seminars became less popular than the Internet and times changed.
More and more IT work was local and I'd get reviews like past and present ones posted below.


I later worked daily as a Technical Trainer for the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

There, the real challenge seemed to be getting people to beleive in what they can do!

It was shut down when Covid-19 hit in early 2020.

For a future post, is there any retro Gamer's machine you'd like to hear about? Let me know by email.

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Praise: Great A+ Trainer! Top notch, will tell all my friends about Richard's ComputerHobbyShop.com.
ComputerHobbyShop.com, Copyright 2023, All rights reserved. . Legal Notice.
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